World Recipes

Design challenge

Create more solidarity in times of the pandemic by reconnecting with the communities in the Hague through worldwide food recipes.

The process

How can we create more solidarity between different cultures in a time of isolation? Working together with three amazingly inspiring communities located in the Hague, we answered that question.

Community centers Fathercenter Adam, Mothercenter De Mussen, and Theater Vaillant, all focus on different groups of people but they all have a common goal: Help members gain more knowledge and learn new skills in different subjects.

Seeing all the different cultures mixed together towards a common goal gave us the needed inspiration. ‘World Recipes’ connects people from different cultural backgrounds with the help of food. Because let’s face it, what is better than trying new food?

Since learning computer skills is one of the bigger subjects the communities are working on, we wanted to integrate this too.

Together with the community members, we created a format for the recipes and a convenient way to store them.

All three community centers get the file uploaded on their computers, making it possible to create, share and enjoy recipes from all over the world, located in one single city!

The final design

Community members can download the interactive Acrobat file from the computers at the community centers. They can fill in the card with their favorite recipe from their country and exchange it with other members.

This way we create a more connected environment between different cultures and help members evolve in their computer and cooking skills!

Members can collect and share different recipes from all over the world, all accompanied with a personal background story or fun fact, creating a nice variety of cultures and interesting new conversations.

This project was done in collaboration with amazing people. A special thanks to:

  • Aminta Cairo from International Institute of Social Studies (ISS)
  • Fathercenter Adam
  • Mothercenter De Mussen
  • Theater Vaillant