Battery operated belt sander

Bosch power tools Battery operated belt sander

Design challenge

Update the current Bosch belt sander to a modern and battery-operated version that fits in the current product line of Bosch power tools.

Current problems

During the first tests conducted with users, we found several problems:

  • An obstructive power cord;
  • Unvisible button to change the speed inside the handle;
  • An obstructive dust bag for left-handed people;
  • Reaching forward with one arm, which gets tiring after longer use.

Based on these problems, the ideation process started. Going into a lot of different possible designs, we eventually tested three prototypes for further development, based on shape, location of parts (battery, tech system, and dust outlet), and ergonomic handles.

The new belt sander

A student group project.

Client: Bosch Power tools