Dream it, do it.

Welcome to DGDESIGN, where you can learn everything about me and my work. Look around, I hope you like it!

Design won't save the world, But it damn sure makes it look good.

The person behind dgdesign

Hi! My name is Dominique Geerlings and I am currently studying IDE (Industrual Design Engineering) at The Hague University of Applied Sciences.

different projects

I am a curious being, which is why I love learning all different kind of designs. Want to know more? Check out my projects!

Fun facts about me!

Pay attention to details

Colours, shapes, angles, features. Everything about design is equally important.

Social and outgoing person

Whether you want to have small talk or dive into the reason behind the colour blue, hit me up! I am always in for a discussion, or just getting to know new awesome beings!


I am born in the Netherlands and studied in English. Both languages are no challenge anymore.

Super curious being

Learning a lot of different things is what I like. I constantly try to expand my knowledge on different topics to keep inspiration flowing.

Born leader

I am a great team player, but I like to be ahead of things, which is why planning is my second nature!

Active and energetic

Not only in my work but also in my personal time I like to be active. I swim twice a week and contribute to the community as a volunteer. Always with a high spirit!


Always fun to meet new interesting people!